Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter in the Swamp

And - picking up where we left off....I walked another circle because I wasn't ready to quit and go home and then I decided to deviate from our normal route. that was a really good plan!
Ah, the pine cones! And pine cones with Spanish moss on them at that!  I never ever tire of views like this!  Nor do I tire of views like the one below.  I had walked by here earlier and seen the alligator...this time it was just pure pretty!

And this picture I took just because it entertained me.  I pretended there was an you see him?  And that mossie thing is some critter in the water.  Anyway - I was just having fun!

And then I found the ducks.  These are green winged teals.  The male above and the female below.  (If I am wrong, then someone PLEASE correct me!)
There were lots and lots of them!  And more than the picture couldn't capture. They were feeding on the Duck Weed - that is the green stuff on the water.  It is not algae which I thought it was for a long time.

I couldn't see these guys well enough to even guess at what they are but they certainly didn't like me being there and I was quiet - but obviously not quiet enough!

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