Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Swamp Walk - The Ibis

Thanks for joining me on my Swamp Walk. As I moved on past the heron, I walked quietly alone and noticed that the few people I encountered were doing the same as I was...walking quietly. Mostly we just smiled at each other, not wanting to break the spell of the quiet and the wildlife. I took this picture of a trees gnarl - just because. I liked the tree and thought it was interesting.
And then I spotted the Ibis not too far away.  I took many of pictures as they were feeding.
Look closely at the pictures and I think you will agree that they have BLUE EYES!  I love it!  They are beautiful. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Now this guy must be pretty old.  Just look at his eye.  It is not blue, it is bulging and cloudy.  I feel so sad for him but he is actually just like us....adapting to our age.  He is continuing to do what he does but probably not as well as he used to and maybe he has some pains to go with it.  I think he needs cataract surgery!

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