Monday, April 16, 2012

Strawberry Chapel

Strawberry Chapel, located in Berkley County was the church for the small but thriving community of Childsbury which was founded in 1707 on the banks of the Cooper River.  Back in the early 1700's there was also a tavern and a ferry landing.  My reading said that there was even a horse track and of course a general store, school, tanner, shoemaker and a doctor.  It is maintained today by the descendants of the Ball and Harrelson families and they open it three times a year for services.


  1. What an intimate and charming place!

  2. Strawberry Chapel (St John's at Berkeley)

  3. There actually are four scheduled, not three, services annually with other events throughout the year.
    Strawberry Chapel and Biggin Church (Ruins) are also known as St. John's at Berkeley.
    Strawberry Chapel is on private property therefore visitors should never enter grounds without prior permission from its Vestry.