Thursday, April 12, 2012

Carriage Horses

Here are a couple of horses waiting to pull a carriage around the streets of Charleston.  They are really majestic animals who, I think, enjoy their work.  They are pampered and loved by the tour guides and get their picture taken regularly!

In case you worry about the horses working too hard, let me assure you that they are well taken care of and really have a very good life. The animals' temperatures are taken after every tour, every day of the year. Animals are pulled from service if their temperature is too high, if the outside temperature reaches 98 degrees, or if the combined temperature and humidity level reaches 180. Our farrier has over 35 years experience shoeing animals and examines them once a week, and our animals receive a yearly visit from a Certified Master Equine Dentist. Additionally, they are seen by an equine veterinarian twice a year for regular checkups.  And, on top of all that care, they get to go on a nice vacation each year to Johns Island which is a lovely place to spend your leisure time.  I think I am jealous of the horses!

Oh, and one other little note.  When the horses are working, if they have a little "accident" on the streets of Charleston, the driver immediately marks the spot with a little flag and calls it in.  A crew comes right away to clean the street ugly mess or smell from my city!!

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  1. Good information! Because there are so many carriages on the streets of Charleston, it's good that they receive such humane treatment under the regulations and rules.