Friday, July 27, 2012

The Coburg Cow

The Coburg Cow is an institution in Charleston and has quite a history - standing on this corner since 1959!  I was driving by yesterday, mid-day in 96 degree heat when I realized I was alone and had my camera!  Usually when I pass him, my husband is driving and I don't have my camera.  So I made the quick decision to pull over and get a picture.  Not a good picture - traffic was heavy at mid day.

Since 1959 Mr. Cow has been climbed on, shot at, had his tail cut off and ink splattered on him.  He has been moved to other locations and even evacuated for Hurricane Hugo. But he survives today and is loved by all.  He even has his own Facebook page.


  1. Hmm, looking closely, I think that's a Mrs. Cow instead of a Mr.

    1. are so right. That is what I get for posting at 6:00 am!