Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shem Creek Park

We have been here before.  I know, but maybe you have forgotten about it!  Actually, the truth is that even though we have been there before - I got new pictures of a familiar place.  I don't care...I have fun taking pictures no matter what!  The picture above is one of my all time favorites as it has the tidal creek, marsh and the Arthur Ravenal Bridge all in one picture!  Love that!  I think that the Arthur Ravenal Bridge is one of the best ever!
 And I know, I have talked about the long docks before too! Click HERE if you don't believe me!
But just click on one of these pictures to enlarge it and tell me where there are longer docks!

And a view of another long dock across the bay.
I love this picture of a beautiful home right there on the marsh looking out to the bay and the ocean. I tried to play a game with Kirby about "Wouldn't you just love to live there?" but he just couldn't get over the cost of re-roofing, heating, electric and painting  to be any fun at all. Never mind, Kirby! I love this house anyway!


  1. we were there Sunday and love it as well!!!

  2. I'm kind of like Kirby, I see a house that big and I think of having to clean it.