Sunday, January 22, 2012

Colonial Dorchester State Park

We visited Colonial Dorchester yesterday.  It is located near Summerville and we had never ventured that direction so off we went - and Jake got to go too.  It is a beautiful place - even in the dead of winter.
If you want the full history, I think this is a good site to visit as it really is interesting.  It was first settled in 1676 and later became the town Dorchester.  During the Revolutionary War the Brittish took control of the town and all the South Carolinians left and went to Summerville.  The town was never rebuilt after that time.
All that is left is the beautiful Bell Tower, the walls of the gunpowder magazine and the tombstones.

The walls were built of "Tabby" which is a mix of lime, oyster shells and sand.  It must be good stuff as it has stood for all these years.


  1. Nice. I like Dorchester State park but it always seems to be a bright and contrasty day when I am there and hard to get good pictures.

  2. A remarkable site and a pleasure to visit!