Sunday, December 12, 2010


The swamps absolutely amaze me!  There is this green goo (algae) all over the water that makes it a glorious color of green.  Alligators live in it and when they come out they are covered with the green mess.  There are many alligators here at Magnolia Gardens Swamp Walk but the odds of running across one near you are pretty slim.  I love all the wild life as I walk through on the boardwalk.  But I always wonder - who built the boardwalk?


  1. Hi Suzie! I surfed in through Joan's blog to come visit your site. I like it! Nice photos! Come visit mine when you get a chance, okay?
    Please keep up the nice blog!

  2. Gators freak me out but snakes are even worse. I can deal with sharks though. Great pictures!

    Have you been up to Congaree National Park up here in the Midlands?